New Review: A Prince on Paper

51dhkbsadtl._sy346_Book: A Prince on Paper (Reluctant Royals #3) 

Author: Alyssa Cole

How: Pre-ordered through Amazon for Kindle

I loved this book so much and yet it took me a long time to read (relatively speaking). There was a LOT of plot going on and this book requires attention.

I liked: the banter, the friendship between the women, the steamy sexual relationship progression, the world-building, and the secondary characters.

I struggled with: a lot of plot introduction that didn’t feel resolved (the kingdom they visited, Nya’s emotional journey, relationships with grandparents). It felt like Nya’s discovery of her mother’s true self was meant to be a parallel to Johan’s and yet that didn’t happen fully in a way I understood (so I could be wrong). We were also introduced to Nya as a big gamer, but we didn’t see much of that in the book itself.

Why 5 stars even with all the parts that were frustrating?

– The scene with the little girl who said “princesses can have braids” (black hair)
– Lukas
– female friendships
– discussion of safer sex
– sex play (with some awkwardness) before penis in vagina sex
– amazing world building

I really, really like Alyssa Cole.

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