What do I do? I read. (I also am a sister, pastor, neighbor, wife, mother, dog owner, debt holder, library card user, car owner, home dweller, Alaskan, voter, opinion haver, podcast listener, blogger, and gummy bear aficionado.) Mostly, though, I read.

What do  read? Almost everything: all genres except horror (my imagination can’t take it because the rest of me likes to sleep. I read books, comic books, long form articles, theses… you name it.

Why not just keep only reading? Sometimes I read something so great or something so bad that I just need to talk about it. Having a specific place to do that provides discipline and focus to my reading and my writing.

Do I accept review copies or requests for reviews? I do. I will participate in blog tours. I do NOT guarantee a positive review. I can receive paper or electronic ARCs or other review material. Email your request to lutheranjulia (at) gmail.com.

Where do I find books to review? Where do I NOT find books to review? I use the library, Goodreads, book sellers sites, and book-related Twitter feeds. I’m all booked up!

Where else do I write? Aww, you’re too sweet. I blog about all kinds of things at lutheranjulia.blogspot.com and I review books, as well as writing other things, for RevGalBlogPals.org. You can check the category: RevGalBookPals; I blog there as lutheranjulia.