New Review: Blankets

Title: Blankets51g2t2blmmtl._sx391_bo1204203200_

Author: Craig Thompson

Format: Graphic Novel, borrowed from the library

A review in tweets:

@blankets I am having a lot of feelings about you. I didn’t know what to expect and a memoir about a guy growing up in rural WI with very religious, authoritarian parents probably wouldn’t have been my first pick right now, but I can’t quit you.

@blankets Oh, the teen angst- feeling alone in a crowd, being intimidated with imagery of hell, trying to figure out relationship to God and to the body at the same time, it’s too close to home, blankets!

@blankets Look, the stuff about being unable to protect younger siblings because you don’t even know how to protect yourself… I mean, did you have to go there? Well, you did and now I am ALL FEELINGS ALL THE TIME.

@blankets I can’t get over how you capture the reality of life and seasons surging forward, when one can’t even deal with what has just happened. There’s no pause button to life. And at times, that is horrible.

@blankets I’m holding my breath about Raina and Craig. It’s too much and not enough. The spiked images of internal reflection combined with the roundness of everything that is her family… My heart is pounding.

@blankets Is it possible that hell is when we burn things that we can no longer stand and we cannot wait for enough time to pass for our hearts to scab over? Oh, it hurts.

@blankets I wish that memoirs of this sort would occasionally show someone coming to a new understanding of religion (or maybe Christianity). It’s hard when they reject the toxic version (which I’m all for rejecting), but in the rejection seem to accept that’s the only way Christianity can be. Sigh

@blankets Wait, are you done? Was that it? I need more resolution!

@blankets I’m going to be thinking about you for a while.










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