New Review: Matchmaking for Beginners

Matchmaking for Beginners was free on Kindle Unlimited and while I had plenty to read, 61tblnxp6rlI just needed an unscheduled stop somewhere. This book is an excellent mental palate cleanser- like a sorbet for the mind. That doesn’t mean it is forgettable or not worth it. I remember exactly what pineapple sorbet tastes like and I’ve always been grateful for it to cut grease in my mouth or clean out a strong taste to prepare for a next course.

This is a pineapple sorbet of books- a very specific taste and welcomed when needed.

Blix is a free spirit, who I would have liked to have heard just a little more. Marnie is the kind of mid-twenties young woman who has made reasonable choices but then had them fall apart. Her choices, which were not her family’s choices, are viewed with suspicion. Blix and Marnie briefly intersect, with just a whiff of magical realism- the good kind, and one commandeers the path of the other.

I enjoyed that the individual characters of this book had very different voices. Noah, Jeremy, and Patrick do not sound like three different versions of the same person. We do not necessarily get neat resolutions for every character. The most villainous characters (so to speak) are mostly off stage (again, so to speak). This is mainly a character-driven novel with the main point being that we are neither the sum of what has happened to us nor the product of the expectations of others, but people capable of choosing our own directions, in spite of interruptions, and capable of being and doing more than we thought.

And, sometimes, we will be assholes- intentionally or unintentionally.

At the time I needed it, this book was just right. More Blix magic?

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