New Review: A Notorious Vow

Book: A Notorious Vow (The Four Hundred, #3) 51w34xkygel._sy346_

Author: Joanna Shupe

Book acquisition: bought on Kindle

Grade: B+

What I loved: This is the first romance I’ve ever read with a Deaf main character. The work of the characters learning to be in relationship with one another, to trust each other, and to triumph over adversity was beautifully sketched and well-paced.

The sex was hot.

I really enjoyed both the male and female protagonists. I did feel some frustration at some of her hesitations, but they were understandable. The same was true, in both cases, with him.


Not for me: I understood how she felt like he kept moving the goalposts. I wanted the Necessary Conversation to happen sooner than it did because I felt frustrated.

There appeared to be 2 villains (and some sub-villains). That was a little difficult, when I was expecting things to resolve earlier and the difficulties kept going. This was more than I was expecting for the genre, but I suspect a 3-4 thread plotline might be standard for this author.

I totally recommend this book.

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