New Review: Sea Prayer

Khaled Hosseini has a new book. 614clzmof3l-_sx317_bo1204203200_

It’s VERY SHORT, which is apparently a complaint on Amazon.

Just less than 50 pages, it’s a picture book for adults- meditating on the refugee crisis in southern Europe.

In Sea Prayer, a father prays, poetically, for his son- regarding his memories of a better time, the terrifying present reality, and the pain of trusting the unfeeling, tumult of the sea as one’s best chance for a better future.

I would say the book is worth it for the illustrations alone, but the proceeds from the book go toward the United Nations Refugee Agency, as well as other organizations that serve similar purposes.

Is it worth buying this book? If it’s the only way that you can see yourself making a donation toward this particular refugee situation (or any similar), then- yes- buy it.

I asked a friend, “How would you use this book if you bought it?” She read through it and said, “Other than to make me cry?…”

The prayer of the book, the prayer of so many refugee parents for their children, is heart-wrenching. If one read it to a group of adults, it would suck the air out of the room. Yet, it’s a story to tell.

It might be a book to pray over, to examine the artwork, to use a conversation starter for an adult forum or educational situation.

If you seek this book out, go ahead and get the hardback copy. If you must purchase the Kindle edition, read it on a device that will 1) display color and 2) permit the pages to be shown horizontally. Without those two features, you will miss the best part of the book.

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