Bullet Review: Girl in Translation

Read for: Book Club (personal) 51fekcer-9l-_sy346_

Read time: 2 days

Grade: B

For me: 

  • engaging read
  • fairly smooth writing style
  • consistent characters (until last 40 pages)
  • information about an experience other than my own
  • close mother and daughter relationship


Not- so- much for me: 

  • Kim’s character focus really seemed to drop in the last chapter and epilogue, was this the same person I had been reading about?
  • The time frame of the book is really unclear- Watergate is mentioned as well as the Cultural Revolution, how long ago are these things?
  • There may be a need and/or a demand for immigrant Horatio Alger stories, but I didn’t want to read one. That everything worked out through hard work and intelligence was not as satisfying as it was frustrating.
  • Annette was more of a plot moppet than a genuine character foil. Matt and Curt functioned more in the latter category, but their arc was not satisfying.


I feel very conflicted about this book. My greatest regret is not completing it before my book club meeting because I would like to have been ready to discuss some of these aspects.

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